Most importantly:

  • Contact: bookcovermachine@gmail.com
  • Over 400 premade covers currently available! I have a huge variety of genres and styles. Click on the ‘Shop’ tab above to browse all covers, or use the ‘Product Categories’ list or ‘Product Search’ box on the right to browse by category or keyword!
  • My covers are unique. While I do use stock imagery to create many of my covers, I ALWAYS combine multiple images and/or add effects on top to make an end product that is unique.
  • My covers are exclusive. Once you purchase a cover from my premade gallery, or I create you a custom cover, it is yours and yours alone. It will be taken off the market and never sold again.
  • My covers are affordable. Starting in 2016, almost all premade covers will be $49 or less. Tons of discount covers will be available for only $25. On my Facebook page you will find an album of ‘premium’ premade covers that go for a lot more, but I keep the main shop at or under $49. I also have ‘clearance’ covers featured on my Facebook page, which are all $20 or less, so be sure to follow my page to stay up-to-date! I also do ‘flash sales’ and ‘first looks’ at premade covers over there, so that’s where you’re mostly likely to make sure you see everything and don’t miss a cover.
  • I am no longer actively accepting new custom clients, although depending on your genre and the scope of your project I might still have an opening for you. Due to other career ventures (I recently started focusing more on my own writing, and am now a USA Today bestselling author myself!), I have less time to devote to designing these days and so am a lot pickier about what type of projects I’m willing to take on. I’m most likely to take you on as a client if you write in the genre of fantasy, and are after a cover similar to what you see in the website banner above.

Now, for a lengthier introduction:

Hi there! My name is Laura Moyer, and I’ve been in the design business for 5 years. I’ve designed covers for hundreds of authors, including a number of USA Today and New York Times bestsellers! I am now a USA Today bestselling author myself. I write under the pen name Harper Alexander. You can learn more about my writing here.

I live in southern California with my husband Chad and our various pets – currently three cats (Moo, Charlie, and Wolf), and a temperamental bearded dragon named Gabby.

Aside from book covers, I run a myriad of other shops where my art is available on just about every type of product under the sun (phone cases, notebooks, binders, throw pillows, blankets, etc). If you’re looking for home decor, office products, electronic accessories or any extent of cool artistic swag, check out my other shops!





When not designing or writing, I can be found relaxing at the beach, frequenting the lines at Disneyland, shooting guns up in the hills with my husband (we’re kind of hardcore), or snuggling ALL THE CATS (we’re also big softies).

Thanks for visiting my webstie!


8 thoughts on “About

    1. bookcovermachine@gmail.com Post author

      I create all my covers to be unique and exclusive, so your cover will be taken down once sold and never sold again 🙂 All of that is explained on this ‘About’ page, so if anything is unclear, please read through this page again. Thanks!

    1. bookcovermachine@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Again,

      I just ran a test to see what the deal is, and it looks like if you simply add the cover(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout, all you have to do is put in your billing/shipping info, and at the bottom of that page there is a little check box that says ‘create an account’. Let me know if that works! 🙂


  1. Pete Barber

    Hi Laura,

    I liked the cover with the lit match. It’s featured in your page banner, but I couldn’t find it on the site. Can you point me to it?

    Thanks . . . Pete

    1. bookcovermachine@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Pete,

      Unfortunately that one was just purchased yesterday. Sorry about that!

      Let me know if I can be of any further assistance,

  2. Amanda

    Hi Laura! I’ve been looking at your work for months, and happy to say i’ve finally chosen my cover for my first book (a little squeeing from the author here)!

    1. bookcovermachine@gmail.com Post author

      I’m so glad you found something that you like! Thank you for ordering!


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