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Paradise 3D Rendering

Paradise, by Harper Alexander

Shiloh lives on the Coast of Hope, flanked by the decimated ruins of the earth. Every year, people brave crossing the Badlands to the coast, with the hopes that they will be one of the lucky souls who merits an invitation to Paradise – the legendary shore of sweet deliverance across the sea.

When Shiloh receives one of the magical message-in-a-bottle invitations that grants her passage to that golden land of lush enchantment, she jumps at the chance to leave her dystopian shore behind.

Alone and vulnerable but full of hope, she casts off into the vast watery wilderness, and touches down on utopian soil unscathed. Paradise is everything she could have dreamed. Everything the stories say. Beautiful. Lush. Tantalizing. Too marvelous to ever return from.

But there is something all the stories have left out.

Another reason nobody ever comes back from Paradise.


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